Red Iron Adventuring Company

Before going into to the ruined temple
Thunbad's thoughts

We have steady started moving forward to the other Island, I feel me and the warforged are slowly bonding. We killed more of the apemen on our way there, at least ten in this last grouping, the tree top city is in danger. I am glad we ran into that Sphinx a couple weeks back it gave me hope to see this task of guarding this constructs through. I have killed for Sol tried to explain why killing dwarves in the bar was bad, but it had a varied effect. I hope to get to know Seriloth more, but this temple ruin is peaceful plenty of small game around, it would be nice to explore it more the group wants me to give orders so I shall. I shall speak more later.

Girion mental journal
oh what a day here is how it went

Well after that duster Elder George want to kick me out, Dad at least tried to swing opinion in my favor by having me and my new found friends scout, I feel a little bad for getting Sol whom I have adopted much in the way Jim the owlbear adopted me.
Father says he won’t always stand up for me, this saddens me, but maybe it is time to grow up.
I wish I could have talk to Elder Bob before we left he is the eldest of the council he still holds the highest respect from the other members. I wonder why George except more of me its not like the group ever helped me before Pa and Ma came along. I want to track Jim down at some point but I digress.
We were set upon by Shadow Wolves foolish creatures, I don’t understand this forest at times wolves that disappear as soon as they die.
Anyway we killed some things when we reach the tunnels under the one of the houses that were not their when last I was here. Also a bunch of starved looking ratmen yet Sivnka pointed out they were only dead for at most five days. So they were drained but it makes sense after we fought these shadow creatures humanoids. We found a CITADEL PERSON Lady Tesk something or other but I want to shove it in Elder George face I knew they were mortal just like us. She is attractive but humanish none the less, could be a little nicer but I will try to help her if not just to prove her wrong Ha me primitive but for all her talk she would die without us finding her.

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