Girion "Thunbad"

He cuts a lean dark figure when as he appears from the shadows. He has medium length braided hair, and owlbear face paint, at a glance anyone can plainly tell he is a wild man, mostly raised by animals.


Six foot Two one hundred and ninety pounds long dark hair with braids, as well as owlbear tattoos on his face.
Current put on a magically leather mask that has changed his face much, only his foster parents, and the warforged group recognize him.


Thunbad grew up with an Owlbear named Jim, it was Jim and him against the world. They loved one another as brothers, and each had benefited from the others company.
Eventually Jim grew faster than Thunbad he came into his “grown up nature” and started his own family, soon he had to leave since Jim had to start taking care of his group’s interest over Thunbad’s survival.

Thunbad can be petty since he doesn’t understand the complex nature of all comments made and seeks to get even with most people. Though he is petty he has kind and caring nature that can come out when he meets topsiders as he calls them.

Thunbad has a good relationship with Elder Bob whom his adoptive father described as senile, since he is so old. He is also the only person whom uses Thunbad’s civil name Girion mainly because Bob gave him that name when he was found by Vallefyn and Paelias. It is the one that the treetop people prefer to call him. Currently he is trying to set his two adoptive parents together, hoping to get a sibling though he is happy to have Sol be his at least pretend baby brother. Update Since Sol killed innocent dwarves in a bar fight and that lead to Thunbad having to kill a halfing to keep Sol safe he is not very happy with Sol.

Elder George has always been hard on Thunbad since he thinks Thunbad can do more, he believes that while he is prone to mischief and acting out like a man child he has potential to be great.

Then there was Elder James he almost got banished we don’t talk about it much since it was such a close vote. It had something to do with a theory or action he took, in a bad lead or path he took the group down.

Task with taking the seed of a new guardian tree to another island, they made a brief stop at an old ruined temple.

His grounder group killed by ape men, now he has followed suit but with a twist killed by crab people in an old temple ruin.

Girion "Thunbad"

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