Obsidian warforged.


Appearance: 5’10" in height – rather short for a warforged, Seriloth is comprised wholly of obsidian glass, with runes etched across her surface area. These runes – carved from her pact of the tome – create a dull glow when activated, the color determined by whichever spell that she is casting. She wears no clothing, although she really really wants a pair of boots.

Languages: Common, primordial, infernal, gnomish

Master: Gnizdibobentanyl (Gnomish Wizard)
Pact Lord: Démyrixis


In creating Seriloth, Gnizdibobentanyl’s goal was to see if power and/or a soul could be transferred into a forged construct. The wizard had not yet gathered the knowledge to transfer a soul into one of his constructs on his own, and so offered Seriloth’s shell to her pact lord, Démyrixis, so that he could use it to entrap the next soul which fell victim to his schemes.

After the soul was suppressed and inserted into her, Seriloth was left active for some time, wandering the wizard’s tower and learning to basics of functioning. Often, she was pitted against his other, lesser creations in order to test her strength. She began to refer to herself as “One”, because was victorious in using the abilities that her pact lord had granted her. Five years of wandering aimlessly about the tower and testing her power was followed by her deactivation beside her brother, Sol.

Years after the cataclysm, the wizard’s tower has crumbled to ruins around Seriloth and her two remaining siblings, and the gnomish wizard and his assistant had vanished. After being found by a family of archaeologists, Seriloth and her two siblings are beginning to venture forth and learn more about the modern world. However, since their deactivation thousands of years have passed, and it is unclear how long Seriloth’s “soul” will continue to remain suppressed.


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