Is she the healer or not..?


Has far too many toes and shovels.
A seven and a half foot tall behemoth of metal and stone/earth/obsidian/some organic material conducive to magics?


Creator & Master:
Dilaudid Bob Gnizard Fentanyl / Nizdebobentenyl.

Languages Known:
Common, Gnomish, Primordial, Abyssal.

Spiritual Weapon:
Spiked Gauntleted Fist.

Once a gnome, she was the last and final creation before Dilaudid disappeared, to test the viability of transferring a memory and sentience along with the ability to manipulate and grow in the powers of the arcane. What she remembers, what she knows, even she is uncertain, but a few things seem ingrained.

Known Directives: (in order of discovery)

  1. “Find me.”
    (Is programming a thing that was managed? If so, how much of herself has truly been preserved?)
  2. Keep them alive (ie, usable to perform their directives/available for transplants?) at all costs.
  3. Add to the collection.
    (Toes. Tails. Organs. Bones. Her parameters are unknown right now.)
  4. Keep notes on all observations on unknown biological anatomy.
    (However, maps seem to be a thing for her as well. Perhaps she views the entire world as an organic being?)
  5. Lie when certain conditions are met.
    (But what? Even she seems unsure right now as she tests the boundaries.)
  6. Buff and shine whenever possible; “Maintenance is your responsibility and purview.”
  • Wings.
  • Child/Golem/Achievements?
  • Buttcape!
  • Lying is affection?


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