Sol is an 8 and a half foot tall robot, wielding a multitude of weapons of Chinese origin. He has a single hole in his face that does not hurt when it is poked, which usually holds his eye. Sol is often confused by abstract concepts and also simple straightforward concepts and basically anything he has not learned yet, which is everything. He also occasionally forgets to listen to people and then lies about it. He is constantly seeking new knowledge to shape his worldview and change how he reacts.

Sol was originally created by Dilaudid Bob Gnizard Fentanyl to see if he could create a working AI. He succeeded in inventing the technology but discovered that Sol could not access magic of his own. Any magic he would ever be able to use would have to come from other objects that he would have to either carry around or implant into his own design. Feeling the robot was a success for intelligence but a failure for design he deactivated Sol and set out to create a new intelligence that could conduct magic of its own.

Sol is 1 year and 8 days old.
Has a pretty rock.


He’s constantly learning new things from the people around him and their lessons on how the world works.

  • Protect His creations. (Dilaudid Bob Gnizard Fentanyl)
  • If you take organic’s bits out and bury them in the ground, you can make trees. You need a tree seed, and it takes a long time. Organic bits are not recommended? Instead you want organic waste. Bury the whole body. Grounder races make good trees. (Thunbad)
  • I am not a tree. (Seng)
  • Priests have balls around their necks. But only certain denominations. (Seng [RIP])
  • Mischief is fun that not all people like. Mischief at as many people as you can. If you can get more people at once, it’s better. Elders do not deserve to have things poured over them. (Thunbad then Paelias)
  • Fun is something that gives you pleasure or enjoyment. (Thunbad)
  • No touching the white tree. (Seng [RIP])
  • Curious children are not threats, except at Thunbad’s discretion. (Thunbad)
  • Take everything you can carry.Except culture? (Paelias maybe? or Thunbad?)
  • Kill an enemy’s prey/food so that it does not get stronger. (Seriloth)
  • Jokes are always ok to say, but people may not always laugh. (Thunbad)
  • Lying is bad. Being lied to is bad. (Thunbad)
  • Everyone is alive until proven dead. The only way to be prove something dead is to cut off it’s head. (Sivanka)
  • No takebacksies. (Finchix)
  • Greet Sivanka via headbutts. (Sivanka)
  • Do not fall on your face. (Sivanka and his own damn self)


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