Quest Log


Paelias/Treetop — Deliver foot-long wooden cube containing Haven Tree seed to Haven on the north island. Is not to be opened. Watch out for demons.


Praaksox — sample of whatever Haven is in the region from the north island. Trade item(s) to be confirmed.

Hufie — Purple mushrooms w/ multi-coloured spots for boots of elvenkind.

Reira“Mushrooms are found near the edges of the whirlpool.” As many purple mushrooms as possible.

Ximez“Flies like a dragon, walks like a lion, stings like a scorpion, and fights like a bear.” Manticore; the larger the better.
Gentle Repose; L2 Cleric spell necessary for freshness.
“Head of a lion, head of a reptilian beast, body of a cat. Head to rump is 10-15ft, maybe longer.” — Jiro.

Liang — Metal. Ceramic clay. Anything that can be used in place of that. “The more of everything, the better.”


Seriloth — desires some boots.

Quest Log

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